Please arrive to your appointment on time. If 20 mins late to your appointment you will be asked to reschedule.

  • The salon has a 24 hour cancellation policy. With out giving salon a 24 hour cancellation notice. The salon can charge a $50 rebooking fee, before you can book next appointment.
  • No call, no show or if you decide to not make your appointment. You will be charged full rate for missed appointment.
  • Color correction.  If you have done your own color or another salon. And you are not happy with results. And want it fixed. The charge is $80 an hr.
  • Color change.  If you want to make a completely different change to your hair color. This service is $80 an hour.
  • If you are changing from from foils to a Balayage. The cost is $165 and up. The up is if I have to mix extra color or the length of you hair.
  • The color service base and full highlights or base and partial highlights. You are charge $80 for the base color AND the $90 for the partial foils. If full foils and base, you are charge the $80 AND the cost of the full foil highlights( which is $105 and up).
  • Haircuts are always separate price from the color prices.
  • If you are a new client and you have used box colors .Or I am consider your hair could be compromised. I will do a 30 minute strand test. If the hair does not pass the strand test, you will be charge the $45 cost of strand test. And the hair service will not be done that day.

Thank you for your understanding
Gayla Smith

woodstock hair color salon