Haircare Tips

Tips to hide roots between appointments…

  • Try a messy side part…a straight part will enhance root visibility
  • Use a dry shampoo

Say goodbye to eyeliner…

The new makeup trend for 2017 is less is better. Some may argue but heavy liquid eyeliner is becoming a thing of the past. You will see more softer eye looks with just eye shadow and mascara. Some looks will be smudge light eye shadow at eye area.

Best Smoothing System Home Care Products:

  1. Brazilian Blowout Anti-Frizz Shampoo
  2. Brazilian Blowout Deep Conditioning Hair Masque
  3. Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum then blowdry hair and style as usual.

Tips to help prevent hair breakage

1. Necessary trims. Keep you hair trim an inch to half inch every 6 to 8 weeks.
2. Use Professional home care products. The salon choice is Framesi home care products.
3. Protect from wool scarves and jackets. Wool causes breakage due to friction.

Tips to create volume in fine hair

I recommend Framesi color lover 3 magic volume products. Color lover volume shampoo, color lover volume conditioner and phase 2 spray.

Tips to protect your hair from of the sun and pool chlorine

1. Before swimming…wet hair slightly and add Framesi color lover primer 11 leave in conditioner to Hair..comb with wide tooth comb to evenly distribute. This helps protect hair from turning green due to pool chlorine.
2. After swimming in the pool..Shampoo hair immediately with Framesi color lover moisture shampoo.
3. Do a weekly hair treatment with Framesi color lover hair masque.

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